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Furby Model 70-800 Owl Gray Shag / Long Hair Electronic Furbie

Model 70800 Owl Gray Shag


Model: 70-800
UPS: 050626006603
Color: Gray

Model 70-800 Owl Gray will probably be your son or daughter's best new plaything. One of the several characteristics for this Furby is the gray and white "owl" shag / long-hair furby with pink ears and white feet. eye color may vary. Other features include i speak my own language. furbish and original furby. These toysFurbys is available in gray. It weighs something like 0.81 lbs.

I can wiggle my ears, blink my eyes and move my mouth. I can communicate with other furbys and teach them games, songs and tricks. Love me and I'll love you back, lets play together! You can teach me to do tricks, I can dance.


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