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Furby - Special Limited Edition - Graduation Furby

Special Limited Edition
Furby Special Limited Edition Graduation Furby Image 1


Model: 70-886
UPS: 050626012512
Color: Black and White
Package Quantity: 1

Special Limited Edition made by Tiger will probably be your little one's best new doll. The Furby is available in black and white. The feature characteristics are electronic furby, graduate and special limited edition. The toy weighs about 0.81 lbs. For the greatest bargain for this Furby toy besides other products, check out the market link below.

This is really a 1999 Special Limited Edition Original Furby. Furby can wiggle its ears, blink its eyes, and far more its mouth. You can communicate with Furby, teach it games, songs and tricks. Furbies can also teach other games, songs, and tricks.


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